Friday, January 9, 2009

a little about me

My favorite things to do are drawing, painting and sculpting.

I drink milk.

I eat too much chocolate.

I love California.

I love Oregon.  (ok, ok, love/hate) ((edit 2013:  just HATE now ;))

I like to cook and garden.

I LOVE old movies and BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS,

and my camera especially, walking, santos, long drives, sock monkies, tang horses, peonies, pearls, heads, hands, foo doggies, celtic crosses, and

shopping .

Here is a piccy of me last summer.  I have been playing with digi art since '96 when I got my first digi camera.  I didn't know I was an artist then.  I thought I was an accountant and skin care peddler. 

Silly me. 

The day after 911 I realized that I was waiting for "someday" to persue oil painting and other dreams.  I quit my CFO position.  (grin)  I also quit being a Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Eye shadow is so like pastels. 

Nine lives?  Sure.....then I am on #4 or 5.  (grin)

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