Tuesday, January 18, 2011

too early

I am up too early.  I try and sleep until 6 or 7 but it is not happening today.

One of the shelves in my studio fell down Saturday.  FIVE antique pitchers/jars gone forever.  Oil painting brushes have no home.  That was the shelf that is not above my head.  That shelf, which is 3 times longer, has now been emptied and all of the stuff on the floor.  And another shelf, too.  I am 'fraid.  So, there is crap everywhere.  (sigh)


  1. that totally sux. i can't imagine losing them all at once! last year my husband broke an urn i had lived with and loved for years, and i cried myself to sleep! when things break though it means something wonderful is about to be born. don't be afraid to believe it!


  2. I do believe you. I am so glad you said that. I was totally bummin' about one particular glass pitcher with the most fabu curved handle that I have had forever. (sniffle)

    I wonder what is coming? (grin)

    Thanks Michele! You made my day :) :) :)


Thank you for visiting today and for your comment. I hope you come back soon. I will bop on over to your blog as soon as I can. I love to visit, too!