Saturday, July 18, 2009

Iris anyone?

I painted these last year from life. They came from my garden. They didn't come up this year. (shrug)

The blue is an 8" square, deep gallery wrap, and the yellow is 6x4", low profile gallery wrap. The green is a guess, 8x6"? All are oil. I gave the blue one to the bff for her 45th bd, and the green one to my mother, and the yellow one for ME. (grin)   I would like to open an ETSY for originals and prints.  Should I?


  1. The are gorgeous. Once again, your work pops off the canvas! This would be a terrific Etsy steal!!!

  2. Ooooh Suzanne, I just love you!!! Thank you SO much! (donna floats away on cloud 9)


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