Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All I wanna do

is stencilfest.
The bff said it is kind of like art deco meets the 60s/70s. Yes, I think so, too. I drew on the one above with paint pens (love those!). Then I made some lily stencils, ferns, heads, cars, and on and on that I will photo later. Can't stop. I have a bunch of drawings to cut.

The bff is on her way over and we are off to get into trouble for the day, again.

I have pix to upload from the Portland Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden. The bff and I went yesterday. We did ceramics, too, no pix yet.
The days before that were spent on a cutting frenzy. Here are some bits of it all.


The stencilfest area. This space also works well as a potting bench :) complete with running water. My garden is not getting as much attention as it should.


  1. Holey Mackerel...can I come play at your house? What a nice, neat, area for a potting bench(love that outdoor sink) or stencil production. Love it!

  2. Sure! Come on over! Stencilfest never ends here! I am so lucky to have that and I use it all the time for all kinds of things, and potting even. ;)


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